How to Maximize Valentine’s Day in Direct Sales

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Valentine’s Day isn’t all about chocolate and roses from your significant other, it’s also the perfect holiday to show your direct sales customers some love, let your team know that you appreciate them, and showcase your great gift ideas!

So how do you go about love bombing all your peeps? It’s easy when you have a bunch of great ideas to choose from! Let’s dig into some, shall we? 

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  • Free Gift with Purchase – Give your customers a little something extra when they purchase from you by throwing in a special free gift. You can use a product from your inventory or a Valentine’s Day themed goody. And don’t feel like you need to give away the farm. Keep it simple!
  • Happy Mail – Send your customers some good old-fashioned snail mail where you can express how much you appreciate their business with a heartfelt card. They’ll not only feel special that you took the time to think of them but they’ll also turn into long-term loyal customers because you treat them like family!   Pro Tip – If you’re new to happy mail, check out our post that explains all the happy mail things.
  • Freebie Friday – Post on social media that you have a great free offer for your followers that they’ll only be able to access on Valentine’s Day or every Friday in February if you want to ramp it up. Use a simple Google form to collect names for the drawing and go LIVE in your customer group or on your page to choose a winner.   Pro Tip – Don’t give away the goods without asking if they are interested in hosting or want more info on your business opportunity. Include those questions in the Google form! Easy peasy!
  • Customer Appreciation Sale – Throw a fun and festive Valentine’s Day-themed sale for your special customers online. They’ll love to see all your discounted products. Grab these graphics if you don’t have time to make your own!
  • GALentine’s Day Party – Host a party in your customer group with a GALentine’s Day theme for all the ladies! This is SUPER fun, and all your gal pals will love it. Feature products they’re sure to love!



  • Happy Mail – Send your team members some happy mail with a little gift of thanks for all the hard work they put in for your team. Amazon has some great gift ideas of what you can include in the packages! Seriously, they will eat this up. Make sure you include some glitter, heart confetti, or other cheesy Valentine’s Day goodies!
  • Themed Incentives – Offer your team some festive Valentine-themed incentives for sharing their business passion with others. Create a Share The Love board for February. Write the new team members’ names on the board and shout out the person that welcomed them. This can be done virtually as well with a graphics program like Canva.  Then do a drawing at the end of the month with the names of the new team members or the team members that welcomed them or both! Everyone loves to win prizes!



  • Create Valentine’s Day Bundles – Do you have the perfect gifts for your customers’ loved ones? Or what about a fun bundle of your most loved products? Share them in easy to view bundles! Custom albums and multi-photo posts are a great way to highlight your products, and they’re really fun to create with a Valentine’s theme!  Pro Tip – You can easily create an album with links in your Facebook customer group or on your biz page.
  • Self Pampering – Do you have products that are perfect for pampering? Is there any better time than Valentine’s Day to do some self-love in the form of fun bath and body products? Show your customers that it’s okay for them to treat themselves to some great products too!
  • Customer Wishlist – Make shopping easy for the hubby by providing customer wishlists – you know the hubbies will be running out on February 13th to find something special!  By offering Wishlists, you can save them time and the headache.



Whether you’re a huge fan of Valentine’s Day or think that every day should be chock full o’ love, it’s a great holiday to market on social media to create some fantastic engagement for your business!  So how can you become the “Cupid of Content” for Valentine’s Day? Here are a few of my favorite ideas:

  • Recipe Roundup – A girl has to eat! Sharing recipes online is a great way to receive more visibility on your Facebook business page and have people join your VIP group. Post delicious (and easy!) Valentine’s Day recipes for an intimate or family dinner at home. Desserts and school snacks are a big hit and will get shared and have your audience talking – and stuffing their faces!
  • Get Crafty – Keep your fans happy by giving them fun crafts to create with their kiddos. What better way to celebrate the day of love than to make cute keepsakes together? Or, maybe they’ll want to hand that task over to the sitter while mom and dad take a night out. Either way, Pinterest is a fantastic source for finding Valentine’s Day-themed projects that you can share on your page, in your group, and on your timeline.
  • This or That – Creating graphics or polls is a great way to get a response out of your fans. Ask a fun question, and you’re sure to get an answer!  It really is that simple. You can give them the option of choosing between ‘Staying in or going out?’ Or ‘Chocolate or Flowers?’ Or even ‘Valentine’s Day – Yay or Nay?’ You get the idea! People just have to participate when they see these easy A or B-type posts!
  • Celebrity Crush – GIFs are still going strong on Facebook because they’re a fun, entertaining way to engage with your audience. Valentine’s Day celebrity crushes are super popular. Asking your fans to comment with theirs in a GIF is a tried and true crowd-pleaser!
  • Multiple Choice – Give your audience a few options in either an ABCD graphic or list form so they can see how they compare with other people’s answers for Valentine’s Day. Some ideas are types of flowers, chocolates, candy, or activities.
  • Valentine’s Day Outfits – What lovely ensemble should you wear on Valentine’s Day? Post a few different outfits or accessories in a multi-photo post to see what your audience would choose for you, or feature outfit ideas for them and have them choose their favorite! Don’t forget to complete the look with a cute purse and some sexy jewelry. Of course, everyone will have their own opinion, and that’s what makes it fun!
  • Kiss and Makeup – Pucker up, buttercup! What look works best for you when it comes to cosmetics? Perhaps you sell them? Either way, posting a bunch of different looks will have everyone commenting with their 2 cents! Post pics from au natural to super glam, and see what your fans prefer!
  • Create Your Perfect Date – Design a fun graphic with options to decide what your fans’ ideas of a perfect Valentine’s Day date night would be! Not only is a post like this a fantastic way to stir up some great engagement, but depending on what products you sell, it can also help you learn more about your customers’ needs. Not sure what to put on your graphic? No worries! We created one for you in our Valentine’s Day Facebook Party Graphics Pack! Use it, along with the other graphics, during your next virtual party or as part of your customer group.
  • Seeing Red (or Pink) – What products do you have that are red? Posting a custom album or throwing a fun Valentine’s Day theme party showcasing all your red (and pink!) products is a surefire way to get everyone in the spirit of shopping for love!
  • Strategic Selfie – Show off your lovely face while sharing a strategically placed product in your photo. Whether you’re wearing it or it’s in the background, your audience will see it and can start asking questions that can lead to sales! Why not share how your product helps you in real life? That’s what it’s all about!
  • You Meme A Lot To Me – Everyone loves a good meme! Pronounced “meem” just in case you were wondering, memes are snarky graphics that get reactions out of people, and Valentine’s Day-themed memes are super fun to share for a good laugh!
  • Fill In The Blank – This type of post really gets people involved! Super simple statements like ‘Love is ___________’ or My first kiss was _________’ or ‘What I love most about Valentine’s Day is _________’ work great! You can design a graphic or simply make a status post to see what your audience says.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to include a strong Call to Action on all your posts to funnel your audience where you want them to go and have them engage with you!


Guess what else! Celebrating Valentine’s Day can last the entire month of February – not just one day – which means that you can promote to your heart’s content on your business page and in your customer and team groups simply by planning out your content. I can’t wait to see how you decide to share the love!

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Direct Sellers Business Blueprint Mockup

Want a proven plan for growing your direct sales business without feeling like you're chasing your tail? The Direct Sellers Business Blueprint explains the 4 key areas you must master to build a simplified, systematic business. It will even tell you which area to tackle first, so you can stop feeling overwhelmed or confused about what to do next. The best part? It's completely FREE!


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