5 Reasons to Use Facebook Live In Your Direct Sales Business

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When you think about Facebook Live for your direct sales business, how does it make you feel? For most direct sellers who are just hopping on to the virtual world, it can be a little stress-inducing and daunting to think about using Facebook Live to grow your direct sales business, right? But I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be, friends! 

If you’ve hung around Dog Gone Virtual for a bit, you may already know this, but I used Facebook to grow my business and my team tenfold back in the day when Facebook Live was just becoming a thing—crazy to think about, right? It seems like it’s been a part of our world forever. But before everyone else was hanging out online I was navigating this new tool that has now blown up into a powerful tool for growing your direct sales business. So, friends, I want to share the five most significant ways I think Facebook Live can help you grow—all from personal experience! Ready to dig in?


Think about your favorite movie star or podcaster. After interacting with their episodes or movies, you feel like you know them, right? This is the same effect Facebook Live will have for your business. While your business’s foundation is built on friends and family who already know you, you have to branch out to really scale and grow to reach those big, bold goals! Facebook Live is available on your business page and customer group. So, the first step is to hop on to start sharing content with new friends who have liked your business page but haven’t engaged yet. Once they see a few of your videos, they may feel like they know you, and they’ll be ready to ask for that customer group invite. And that’s where you start seeing results for your business, which leads to our next tip!



I’ve said it once, and I will say it a million times because it is so important. Your customer group needs to provide value for your customers! It can’t be a constant sales pitch; it can’t be an environment where they feel pressured into buying something. It needs to be fun, inviting, and informative. One perfect way to provide value in your VIP customer group is Facebook Live videos! Do weekly tips and tricks on making the most out of your products, give a one-of-a-kind how-to demonstration you know isn’t already floating out there on the internet—you want to make it worth their while to hang out with you! And these value-based Facebook Live videos are the ideal way. Then, when you’re live, you can engage with your customers and cultivate better customer relationships. It all comes full circle!



If you’re in that super growth phase of your business, you may be thinking about creative ways to leverage your sales and personal brand. I know many direct sellers who prioritize micro-blogging, so you can tie in themes weekly to produce microblogs and Facebook Live videos and cross-promote them.  You can also download your Facebook Live videos and build a YouTube channel.  By sharing your tips and tricks on another platform, you’re expanding the reach of your name and brand even more.  You can also create a website and blog with similar content reaching different people!  You can see how we’ve done that on our Savvy Selling  YouTube channel.  Spread that content out and make it work for you in multiple ways!



Kicking off your Facebook Party with a Facebook Live from you or your hostess (or even both of you!) is the perfect way to kick off your direct sales Facebook parties! It not only starts with a personal touch, but it gets people way more excited to feel and see your energy—so much more valuable than a static image, right? 

Then, depending on how long your party is, you can use Facebook Lives to do tips and tricks videos with the products you’re featuring so they can physically see how these products will change their lives. Or do a fun interactive trivia game and give away freebies to get people engaged. 

You can do so many fun things with Facebook Live to spice up your parties —and it all stems from being creative and, most importantly, having FUN. That’s why everyone is partying with you, right? Give the people what they want! 



There is no doubt that using Facebook Lives encourages engagement with your customers, and engaging content is prioritized in Facebook’s algorithm.  So, if you want your content to be seen, you’ll have much better luck using video rather than static images.  Per TechJury, statistics show that 82% of people prefer a live video over reading a post.  That’s an amazing statistic and it will only continue to grow!    So if you want to build a stronger relationship with your customers and reach more people, make it a priority to start using Facebook Live!

Now that I’ve given you 5 reasons why you need to use Facebook Live in your Direct Sales business, you’re probably wondering where to start.  Here are some Facebook Live ideas to get you started:

  • Unboxing of new products
  • Current Product Reviews or Comparisons
  • Sharing Your Why
  • Behind the Scenes
  • From an Event
  • Product How-To’s


And finally, here are some things to remember if you’re nervous about creating your first  Facebook Live:

  • It’s Live. It’s okay to mess up!
  • You can always delete it!
  • Your people WANT to hear from you!


Are you ready to go Live?  Go for it!  This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the ways Facebook Live can create value for your direct sales business. 


Mary Haynes Photo

Hey, I'm Mary!

My passion is helping you simplify and streamline your direct sales business using tried and true systems that reduce overwhelm and help you reach your business goals even faster! Find out more about what we do here.


Mary Haynes Photo

Hey, I'm Mary!

My passion is helping you simplify and streamline your direct sales business using tried and true systems that reduce overwhelm and help you reach your business goals even faster! Find out more about what we do here.

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