Downloadable PDF guide that includes:

  • 1 page with instructions and tips on how to use the Cheat Sheets
  • 2 pages of additional training on overcoming hesitations
  • Scripts for 9 common booking hesitations
  • Scripts for 7 common recruiting hesitations

On the Order Confirmation screen, you will see a button to download the Hesitation Hacker Cheat Sheets. You will also see a Download button within your confirmation email.


Are the Hesitation Hacker Cheat Sheets included in any other products?

No, the Hesitation Hacker Scripts are not included in any other products. The 3-step formula for overcoming hesitations is also taught inside our 4 Week Fix program. 

Can I get a physical version?

At this time, we only offer digital versions of our products. We do not offer any physical items.

Can I share the Cheat Sheets with my team? 

No, this product is licensed for the sole-use of the purchaser and may not be shared with anyone else.

Will I receive anything in the mail?

This is a digital product delivered via a PDF file. Nothing will ship.

Hesitation Hacker Cheat Sheets


Ever feel stuck when a potential host says “I’m too busy” or “Let me think about it” when you ask them to host a party? What about when a potential team member says “I’m not good at selling”?  You’re not alone.

Overcoming objections is a challenge every direct seller faces. And each hesitation is a missed opportunity, impacting your bookings, your team growth, and your income potential.

That’s exactly why I created the Hesitation Hacker Cheat Sheets! It gives you an instant answer, so you aren’t stuck staring at your screen wondering what to say next. 🤷

Here’s what’s included:

  • Tips and training on why people hesitate, so you feel confident in creating a response
  • Hacking Hesitations Formula Sheet – a printable, handy reference tool that will transform how you handle objections using a simple 3-step formula.
  • Words to say for 9 common booking hesitations – including:
    • “I’m too busy right now.”
    • “I’ve hosted before and my friends don’t buy anything.”
    • “I don’t know anyone who would be interested.”
    • “I don’t want to pressure my friends into buying.”
    • “My friends aren’t on Facebook.”
    • “I don’t have enough space in my home to host a party.”
    • “I’m trying to save money right now.”
    • “Let me think about it.”
    • “No, thanks.”
  • Words to say for 7 common recruiting hesitations – including:
    • “I don’t have enough time.”
    • “I’m not good at selling.”
    • “I’ve tried direct sales before, and it didn’t work.”
    • “I’m not interested in direct sales.”
    • “I don’t want to pressure my friends and family into joining.”
    • I don’t have the money for the starter kit.”
    • “I already have another business.”

And the best part? You’ll get immediate access to the digital downloadable guide, so you can start hacking hesitations right away! Don’t waste any more time and energy on lost opportunities for bookings and team members. Watch as the ‘no thanks’ turn into ‘yes, please’!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Larissa Jennings
So easy!

Takes the hard work out of things for you! It’s like having it done for you!

Kathy Thayer

Hesitation Hacker Cheat Sheets

Jennifer Soto
Know just what to say!

It's like having Mary in your ear coaching you through each objection for booking and sharing the opportunity. By knowing the why behind the most common objections you can serve your customers well and never be pushy or self-serving.

Cooky Wilcox
Hesitation Hacker Cheat Sheets

The Hesitation Hacker Cheat Sheets is what I have been looking for. Many times I struggle with the words to respond to an objection. I love the 3 step formula and the examples words.

Kim Jenkins
AWESOME!! Reach out with total confidence!!

The Hesitation Hacker Cheat Sheets are just what you need to feel confident when reaching out to people about booking a party or about trying out the business. So often we get hung up on an objection we hear because we aren't sure how to respond, and then we end up just not reaching out at all. Once you have this guide to overcoming objections you won't have that issue anymore. Mary walks you through an easy 3 step formula so you can feel great about your response back. Plus she gives you example words to say for 9 booking hesitations and 7 recruiting hesitations. These cheat sheets are invaluable!! Must have!! Thank you so much for creating these!!