Master Your Mindset Mini Course


The Master Your Mindset Mini Course is a transformational course, designed to help you identify the exact mindset blocks that have been holding you back in your direct sales business, so that you can consistently and effectively build your business starting NOW! It was originally created to help direct sellers kick bad business mindsets to the curb and learn the right mindsets to help them grow.

If you are a direct seller that’s struggling to find momentum in your business, or if you are a leader that wants to be a more effective coach for your team, this is an opportunity that I promise you will not want to miss.

What’s Included:

The Master Your Mindset Mini-Course includes almost 4 hours of on-demand training covering the four essential mindsets that direct sellers must master in order to successfully scale their businesses. Being a business owner brings with it it’s own set of struggles. And it doesn’t matter where you are in the business – whether you’re just starting out or have been in the game for years – bad mindsets can sneak up on you and derail your success. It’s time we started talking about it and fixing it! The Master Your Mindset Mini-Course was designed to help you root out the mindsets that are holding you back and take steps towards fixing them.

We’ve also included a printable workbook to help you stay focused for each lesson and take steps to actively implement what you’re learning. 

What’s Covered:

CEO Mindset

A CEO Mindset means that you act and think like a CEO. That’s hard to do when many direct sellers just sign up for a side-hustle or a little extra cash. No one told you that you have to actually think like a business owner.

During the first lesson, I’ll share the 5 mindsets that every CEO must have. I’ll also give you actionable tips on how to cultivate them in your direct sales business.

Success Mindset

Unfortunately, direct sales success doesn’t happen magically. Wouldn’t that be nice! There are specific success factors that affect your belief that you can be successful in your business and in life.

During the second lesson, you’ll learn what those factors are and simple ways to actively use them to your advantage.

Money Mindset

Whether you know it or not, what you believe about money has a direct affect on your business success. The good news is that most money beliefs and habits are learned, so that means they can be changed!

In this lesson, you’ll discover the money mindset shifts you need to make to finally break the income barrier you’ve been stuck at.

Time Mindset

We all have the same number of hours in a day so why is it that some people can do more with it than others? It’s their Time Mindset. It’s what they believe about their time and how to best use it.

During the last lesson, I’ll help you identify ways to think differently about your time and how you use it. You’ll walk away with actionable tips on how to you finally get your time under control.