Savvy Seller Squad | Group Coaching for Direct Sellers

From: $37.00 / month


The Savvy Seller Squad – our direct sales group training and coaching program – is designed to provide the training and support you need to grow your direct sales business in multiple ways, because leaving all your eggs in one basket is a business accident waiting to happen.  Our program includes two different components – training and coaching. When you’re part of the Squad, you’ll get instant access to in-depth training on the six different areas that direct sellers need to grow their business outside of just doing parties. Each training topic digs into mindset, helps you understand the why, and how to work your business in this particular area. It also equips you with the tools to keep working on and improving that area of your business consistently going forward!

The second part of our program is coaching. Because we understand there might be areas you’re struggling with right now, we offer monthly live Jam Sessions where you can bring your most burning business questions, along with monthly members-only workshops to help you learn and take action.


What’s Included:

On-Demand Training – $1,700+ Value 

We want you to be able to learn and implement as quickly (or as slowly) as you want, so we’ve housed all of our training inside a course that you can access anywhere and at any time! That means you have time to implement and won’t feel like you’re drinking from a firehose.  We’ve specifically chosen our training topics based on what direct sellers struggle with most and the areas where you can grow your business outside of just parties.

Here are the 6 topics that we cover inside our on-demand training:

  • Time Management & Organization
  • Follow Up & Customer Care
  • Facebook Pages and VIP Groups
  • Instagram
  • Live Video & YouTube
  • Pinterest

Monthly Jam Sessions – $400+ Value  

Throughout the month, we’ll dig into those burning questions related to our most popular topics – virtual parties, graphics and content, and team leadership! During these targeted sessions, we’ll brainstorm and hash out solutions. I’ll give you tips and tricks and even a little bit of side-eye if you need it, all on Zoom! You can ask questions live during the Jam Session or if you can’t make it live, you can share it on the reminder posts within the group and we’ll talk about it on the call.

The replays for past monthly Jam Sessions are also stored within the Facebook Group guides and in the course portal, so if you’re struggling with a particular topic or just want some inspiration, you can binge-watch the replays.


Monthly Workshops – $300+ Value  

Once a month, we host an exclusive workshop just for members! We dive deep into a seasonal or trending topic that you need to think about. Our time is divided between training from me and my team and networking with other group members so you can have maximum impact in your business. And as always, if you can’t make the training live, recordings will be posted!

Exclusive VIP Group Graphics and Post Planner – $300+ Value 

You probably know that your VIP group shouldn’t be all about selling stuff, but how do you figure out WHAT to post? Our members get an exclusive graphics pack and post planner that includes post prompts for each and every month! No more wondering what to post. It includes a mix of ready-made images and Canva templates so you can quickly and easily create and schedule your posts without spinning your wheels.  Because we give you the Canva template, you can also change up the images to fit your own personal branding and products. We don’t offer this product for sale anywhere else!

30% Discount on ALL digital and on-demand products in the shop

If you’ve been over to our shop, you know we’ve got lots of goodies to help you streamline and simplify your Facebook parties and social media content. Our members always save 30% on our on-demand digital products. This includes all of our Facebook Party Graphics and GamesYou can also grab any of our digital training guides like the Direct Sellers Toolbox. If you want to dig a little deeper, make sure you check out the 4 Week Fix. It’s designed to allow you to work at your own pace as you move through a deep dive into your direct sales business. If you’re already planning to shop, why not save some $$$ while you’re at it?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the Jam Sessions? And how do I get my questions answered?
Our Jam Sessions are sprinkled throughout the month, and you’ll receive a calendar once you’re a member. During our scheduled Jam Session, just hop on Zoom using the link provided and drop your questions in the chat. It’s that easy! And not only do you get the collective knowledge and experience of me and my team, but you also get tips and tricks straight from your fellow direct sellers in the group.

Is the group more for new or experienced direct sellers?
Both! We have all levels of experience within the group. This group is designed to help you with more advanced topics like follow up, video, time management, and social media. I personally believe in a well rounded approach to direct selling, so once you have a handle on the basics of the business, it’s a smart idea to dig into the more advanced topics so you can continue to grow! That’s exactly what we cover within the group.

How much is the membership? Are there any cancellation fees?
Our monthly membership is $37 per month or $389 for a year. While we would love for you to stay forever, there are no cancellation fees and you can cancel at any time.

I’ve heard from other members that a specific past training would be good for me. Are there replays?
Absolutely! Everything is stored inside your course portal.So if you’re really excited about a specific topic or know it would benefit your business now, go ahead and check it out. It’s all there waiting for ya!

How do I get the exclusive VIP graphics? Can I share them with other people?
Details on how to access the VIP graphics for members are in within your course portal. Unfortunately because these graphics are a perk of being a member, they are for the exclusive use of our members and may not be shared with anyone else. 

How do I get the discount on your other digital products? Is there a limit to what I can purchase with the discount?
Once your registration is complete, your discount is automatically added to your account. As long as your membership remains active, you’ll save 30% on all of our ready-made and on-demand digital products. The discount does not apply to live training events outside of the membership. Just make sure you login with the same email address or social login you used when you purchased your subscription. And no, there’s no limit. You can purchase as many of our shop products as you like. Our goal is to help you streamline graphics creation so you can actually do the income-producing things!

Can I share what I learn in the group with my team or other business besties?
Yes and no. We firmly believe that sharing is caring! And as you grow, it’s always a good idea to pay it forward. I encourage all of our members to take what they’re learning and share with their teams. However, you may not copy or share any documents or posts from within the group. Take what you learn, make it your own, and apply it to your own company and products. Your team and business besties will love you for it!