Customer Group Crash Course


Tired of hearing crickets in your VIP Customer group? Wondering what to post and how to get people chatting? Then the Customer Group Crash Course is for you! This on-demand course will cover everything from identifying who should be in your group to creating content that keeps people engaged to streamlining creation so you don’t lose your mind!  Because the course is on-demand, you can move as quickly or slowly as you want.  Want to know what the course covers? Check out the details below!

Our Customer Group Crash Course will answer everything you ever wanted to know about creating and maintaining an engaged online community for your direct sales business.  A well run customer group can be a powerful tool for your business if you know what to do with it. In the course, we'll cover -
  • What to post and how often to do it
  • Who should and shouldn't be in your group
  • How to streamline content creation
  • How to create a monthly content plan that doesn't take hours upon hours
  • How in the world you balance content between your page and your group and what goes where
  • The extra special pieces that every group should have
  • Quick and easy graphics creation - it's really not that hard!
  • How to promote your group and what to do with them once they get there
  • And so much more!