The 4 Week Fix Self-Study Edition


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The 4 Week Fix is a comprehensive, no-nonsense direct sales program designed to help you systemize and grow your party plan business, so you can get the results you’ve been dreaming about since your starter kit first showed up on your doorstep!  The 4 Week Fix was originally created to help direct sellers because I got tired of seeing direct sellers struggle with too much information coming from too many different directions. Business doesn’t have to be complicated. This system has already helped so many other direct sellers sell more, recruit more, and kick overwhelm to the curb. If you are a direct seller that wants to grow, and you’re tired of feeling stuck, this is the program for you.

Tell me if this sounds familiar? You want to have a simple, predictable direct sales business but have no idea what to do first.

Let’s face it—there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to build your business, only to feel like you’re spinning your wheels and never actually growing! And there’s nothing more disheartening than trying that fun new idea that seems to be working for everyone else — only to have it fall flat.  You know you need to fix something. Maybe you’ve tried a new party format or even overhauled your entire host coaching system.

And yet, something’s not quite right. It’s just not working. No bookings and an empty calendar. Again. Hosts that don’t show up. Parties that flop. Recruit leads that never actually join.  Other people make it look easy. But for you, it’s been anything but. You thought the hard part was going to be getting started, but as it turns out, that was only just the beginning. And now you feel like you must be missing something.  And you’re not alone. Most direct sellers are.

The truth is that having a streamlined and systematic direct sales business is a game changer, one that will give you a full calendar, a consistent commission check, more free time, and less overwhelm!  The problem? Trying to run a virtual business and balance family and maybe even a full-time job often make achieving direct sales success more trouble than it’s worth.  But what if there was a way to make sure you got it right?

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Imagine having a direct sales business that’s both streamlined and predictable. Here’s what that would look like….

  • A party calendar that’s booked for weeks at a time. No more binge-booking for you!
  • Hosts that can’t wait to show up to their party. HOLLA!
  • Fun, engaging parties that guests love to attend and shop from. Bring on the par-tay!
  • People that are actually excited to join your team. Yes, please!
  • A consistent, predictable commission check. I mean, who doesn’t want that?
  • Confidence that you’re doing the income producing things every single week to keep your business moving forward. For the love of all the squirrels, give me a plan!


The 4 Week Fix was designed to cut through all the industry jargon and give you the tools you need to focus on the areas of your business that actually matter. You know? The ones that actually make you money!

Let’s face it. Most direct sellers are flying by the seat of their pants. They feel stressed, confused, and out of control. They want success but have no idea what to do first and which business activities really matter. Their results are inconsistent at best, and the worst part is that they have no idea how to fix it. The 4 Week Fix was designed to cut through the crap and help create the business building habits and systems that will get you off the struggle bus and help you feel confident and comfortable running your business.


When you purchase The 4 Week Fix Self-Study Edition, you’ll have immediate access to all the tools you need to grow your direct sales business without confusion or overwhelm. Our proven process provides a step-by-step plan for how to build the business systems and habits that will give you consistent party results, so you’ll never wonder what your next step should be.

In just four weeks, you can take your business from overwhelming to thriving! Each section consists of two training videos with specific, actionable homework assignments in between to help you quickly implement what you leaned. To help you follow along and take clear notes, you’ll have a printable workbook for each lesson and a copy of the lesson slides. You’ll also have access to recorded Q and A sessions so you can pull even more business building nuggets from each section!

In Book Like a Boss, here’s what we’ll cover –

  • In Lesson 1 – Fix Your Ask – you’ll learn how to improve your ask and actually get to yes. I’ve even got simple booking scripts to get you started!
  • During Lesson 2 – Fill Your Calendar, we’ll tackle strategic ways to build desire for hosting inside and outside your parties. I’ll also give you a simple 3-step formula for overcoming hesitations without sounding like a greasy used car salesman. You’ll also learn a simple trick for keeping for calendar full ALL the time!
  • Editable Canva Templates with sample booking posts to add to your parties with scripts of what to say!
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In Coach Like a Champ, here’s what we’ll cover –

  • In Lesson 3 – Plan for Party Success, we’ll walk through a simple host coaching timeline  so you know exactly when to start coaching your hosts and how to do it! We’ve even included scripts so you know exactly what to say.
  • In Lesson 4 – Perfect the Party Wrap-Up, I’ll show you how to host coach during the party and how to help your host finish strong so you can maximize your party results. We’ll also cover ideas for bringing back a host when she has disappeared.
  • Creative ideas to jazz up your host coaching, including an editable Host Bingo!
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In Party Like a Rockstar, here’s what we’ll cover –

  • In Lesson 5 – Party Planning, Posts, and Products, I’ll share a simple, duplicatable party outline that you can use over and over again! We’ll talk about what types of posts you should have in every party and how to decide which products to feature and which ones to leave out!
  • During Lesson 6 – Elevate Your Party Experience, you’ll learn how to create a party experience that guests can’t wait to attend! We’ll cover how to write good party captions that people will actually engage with. Goodbye party crickets! And we’ll talk about how to repurpose your party content so you can work smarter, not harder!
  • Editable Canva Templates for party posts and covers that you can use again and again.
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In Build and Grow, here’s what we’ll cover –

  • In Lesson 7 – The Why, Who, and How of Recruiting, we’ll tackle how to effectively build desire for your opportunity without feeling pushy, who to ask that isn’t your friends and family, and the one simple question that will get more people to actually sign!
  • During Lesson 8 – Beyond the Ask, we’ll cover what to say to overcome hesitations without sending your prospects running and my simple system for getting new team members off to a strong start!
  • Editable Canva Templates for recruiting posts with what to say to get people chatting
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In the Bonus Lesson – Design for Direct Sellers, you’ll hear from our own graphic designer and learn the top mistakes that direct sellers make when creating graphics, why personal branding is important for stopping the scroll, and simple tricks for organizing your party posts! She’ll also give you quick tips for editing all the Canva templates included in the course! We’ve also included sample color and font pairings to get you started. If you’ve ever struggled with creating graphics or felt overwhelmed with the process, this lesson is for you!

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