[00:17] Why it’s important to do the right things in the right order
[03:34] Chris Hart Hot Seat (Recruiting Script)
[08:40] Tammy Collins Host Seat (Recruiting Script)
[11:23] How do I keep recruiting conversations going?
[18:08] When is is appropriate to suggest a Catalog Party?
[19:36] I need tips on setting up Vendor Events
[21:46] When do you recommend I do Customer Care check-ins?
[24:33] I need advice on creating an Onboarding System
[36:12] How do you put together a Team Challenge that works?
[45:48] How do I help a new team member who says she can’t get bookings?
[53:17] For Vendor Events, should I do business flyers?
[55:29] Shari Hot Seat (Holiday Strategy)
[58:37] What comes after the 4 Week Fix?