[00:00:08]  How do I followup with unengaged guests from a Fundraiser?
[00:03:50]  How long before the Ask should I do an engagement post?
[00:05:18]  Should Welcome Messages be sent through business pages?
[00:07:59]  I’m having issues with my hosts still using the invite button – help!
[00:13:21]  Review of Mona’s Catalog Party Script
[00:20:33]  How do I get my Team to stop word vomiting on people?
[00:26:33]  Review of Lauri’s Host Coaching Script
[00:38:21]  I need help getting this all organized (Time Management discussion)
[00:53:07]  Getting off the Recruiting Rollercoaster
[01:00:37]  Mona in the Host Seat (Maintaining Titles)
[01:17:47]  Recap