[00:00:29] Booking Reach Outs – What’s the the best way to build this into my Calendar?
[00:02:59] Should I document my Booking System for my Team?
[00:06:40] I don’t have any Hot Leads – how do I fix this?
[00:19:06] People aren’t responding to my messages – how can I correct that?
[00:23:30] What’s the best way to test different Party Platforms?
[00:26:04] If you were to go back in the direct sales field today, what would you do differently?
[00:39:42] I feel like sending a Friend Request is spammy – help me change my thinking on this!
[00:45:48] I feel like Facebook Parties are broken – how can I fix them?
[01:07:05] What is a Realtor corporate reach out?