Direct Sellers Business Blueprint

Tired of not having a plan for your direct sales business?

Ready to stop feeling overwhelmed by what to do next? Wondering what to do first so you can actually grow? The Direct Sellers Business Blueprint gives you the 4 key areas you must master to thrive in direct sales! You'll feel empowered and equipped and know exactly which area to tackle first, so you can stop spinning your wheels and finally have a proven path for your business.

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A fantastic resource for businesses with good party plans!
— Heather Watts

Hey, there! I'm Mary.

When I started my direct sales business, I felt like I was throwing mud at the wall to see what stuck. I quickly became overwhelmed, because I didn't have a concrete plan on what to do next. I wasn't sure which end was up. I was online all the time, and my phone notifications were constantly pulling me in multiple directions.

Through countless hours of learning and testing, I was finally able to get clear on which tasks came first and what areas I needed to work on to grow my business completely online without losing my mind. Using this system, I grew a team that sold well over $1 million per year almost completely on Facebook.

I created the Direct Sellers Business Blueprint to walk you through those key areas and give you quick actionable tips on how to improve them. It's time to get rid of the overwhelm so you can run your direct sales business instead of it running you.

Mary Haynes

I love the Blueprint's no nonsense tips for all pillars of my business. It really made me think through my weaknesses but also what I am already doing successfully. I want to keep learning!
— Kristyn S.