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And just like you, I started my direct sales business to meet a need in my life. I’m a busy, homeschooling mom of 4, and I started my direct sales business so I could get out of the house and talk to grown-ups every now and then. I told myself I didn’t care about the money or the recognition, but all that changed as soon as I got in the door.

I was immediately drawn to all the possibilities of a direct sales business – from vacations to recognition to a life-changing income. 

I started my business doing in-person parties but quickly realized that if I wanted all the things, my family schedule couldn’t support that. There just wasn’t enough room on the calendar.

Then I tried Facebook Parties.

To say online parties changed my business would be the understatement of the century. I instantly fell in love with the ability to work where and when I wanted to and expand outside my local area. 

My business exploded, and I found myself quickly growing a team from all over the United States. 

During that season of growth, I also found myself juggling way too many balls. We were experiencing some serious growing pains, and most of it fell on my lack of systems. Because I’m no quitter, I decided something had to change, so I became a student of efficiency.

I read all the books and took all the courses. What came out of all the testing, learning, and mistakes, was a proven system for growth. I figured out where my time should be spent and on what tasks. I created systems for booking parties, host coaching, creating party content, and onboarding team members.

It was a well-oiled machine! Because of those systems, within 2 years, I had built a team that produced over $1 million in sales per year just on Facebook. I earned awards, traveled on multiple incentive trips, advanced in rank, and was part of the top 1% of the company. 

All of that brought me here.

As an entrepreneur at heart, I saw the need for something more. I wanted to help other direct sellers achieve the same thing. As a leader and now as a coach, I see way too many direct sellers confused and overwhelmed by the business. So our mission at Savvy Selling is pretty simple.

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Building a successful direct sales business takes time and focused effort, but it’s not complicated. It’s pretty simple, actually. And we would love to show you how to do it.

Make sure you check out our free resources on our blog and grab our Direct Sellers Business Blueprint so you can learn exactly which area of your business to tackle first.

Want more parties on your calendar but feel stuck on who to ask and what to say? Grab our Booking Scripts Cheat Sheets! The Cheat Sheets walk you through the 10 most common booking Asks with fill-in-the-blank words to say, along with helpful tips to help you fill your calendar!

Want to grow, but feel like you’re struggling to get all the things done in your business? Check out our digital product shop with tools and training specifically to help direct sellers work smarter, not harder. 

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In other words, Sheri’s primary job is making sure we don’t go chasing squirrels and lose focus on our goals. She loves a good system and helps our team stay efficient and on track so we can better serve the direct sales community. Sheri is a fellow lover of numbers, so she helps with bookkeeping and tracking and analyzing our company data so we know where we need to improve. Sheri is also a homeschooling mama of three adorable kiddos, so she’s used to juggling all the things.

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Content Manager

Barb has been in direct sales for over 25 years and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to our team. Before Barb joined the Savvy Selling team, she was a self-proclaimed collector of all of our products, which made her the perfect person to manage our blog and product shop. She also makes sure we have consistent, helpful content publishes on Pinterest and YouTube. Barb has two adult daughters and one adorable grandpuppy, Jasper, that keeps her busy from time to time. Like the rest of us, Barb thrives when she has a huge cup of coffee in hand.

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Graphic Designer

Makayla is our go-to person for all things design-related. She’s Mary’s only daughter and has a natural talent for making things pretty. She creates most of our social media graphics, as well as printables. If something we’ve shared has stopped your scroll, that’s because Makayla did it. She just graduated high school and will begin furthering her education as a graphic designer when she heads to college in the fall.